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The Story Behind Faculty

The Faculty of Forestry is one of the founding faculties during the establishment of Universiti Putra Malaysia, formerly known as Universiti Pertanian Malaysia in 1971. The mission of the faculty is to be a centre of learning and education in the field of tropical forestry, which contributes not only to human advancement and the discovery of knowledge but also to the creation of wealth and development. To achieve this mission, the faculty has established, in the field of forest management, wood industry, recreation and eco-tourism, the following objectives, to:

  • Produce quality graduates to meet the nation’s manpower requirements
  • Produce specially trained forestry human resource through postgraduate programmes
  • Conduct relevant and advanced research for the development and sustainability of forest resources
  • Provide professional forestry services including the dissemination of knowledge

 To achieve excellence in teaching and research, the faculty has been working closely with other faculties in UPM as well as forest agencies and institutions in the country and abroad.

 Since its inception, the faculty has grown rapidly. In 2013, the faculty has 50 academic staff members supported by 80 non-academic members.

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