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The Department of Forest Production was established in 1973 with the aim of producing professionally trained graduates in the field of wood and forest resources. To achieve this, the department offers the Bachelor of Wood Science and Technology programme. In addition, the department also provides the infrastructure and human capital for wood products research and extension services to society.

The Bachelor of Forestry Science programme is multidisciplinary which includes components such as wood science, processing technology, economics, marketing and management of forest resources. In addition, students are given exposure to professional training in public agencies and private companies to improve their soft skills and problem solving capability.

The academic staff of the department are from various specialization related to wood and forest resources. Research and consultancy services provided include wood science, fiber, wood processing, wood quality improvement, biocomposite, pulp and paper technology, wood products economics and marketing, and application of forest geoinformation.

The department is well equipped with essential laboratories for teaching purposes such as wood anatomy, wood chemistry, pulp and paper, composite testing, kiln drying and treatment, wood deterioration, Geographic Information System, forest survey and a workshop. Specialized instruments available include a wood testing machine (Inston), image analyzer, spectrophotometer, wood machining, hot press, kiln drying equipment, cylinder pressure treatment and an industrial-scale microwave oven.

With the combination of the human capital and equipments, the department also offers short-term courses to the public and industry to improve their skills and knowledge related to wood based industry. Among the courses offered are kiln drying and treatment, pulp and paper, GIS application, financial and statistical analyses.


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